Where do I begin? 


Biked 20 miles of trails in 1:30

Dismantled, cleaned, lubed and adjusted RX7 driver side window regulator (ugh)

Lost the clutch in the Z on the way home.  Bad Slave cylinder...1/2 hour fix.

So its been months since the last update.  A new year, a new pres, a new economy...

Been mostly working in the wood shop on Carole's new desk.  Pages of this work in progress to follow shortly

Changed the look and feel of the site, but most of the content is there. 

Added a few of my favorite photos on the photography page.

Dinner club here tonight!  Yummm.
Been a fun couple weeks, met up with several old friends on Facebook.  Made reservations for a trip to Key West (can't wait). 
I've been back to climbing a few months now, and I almost feel like I know what I am doing (sometimes anyhow, but the wall is very humbling)

Enough for now...

As an illustrious end to my late in life soccer career, I tore my Achilles tendon about 3 minutes into the game Tuesday night.  I was fortunate that my friend and Chiropractor, Kathryn, was at the game.  She iced it almost immediately and I had an ace bandage to wrap it, so there was not much swelling.  Surgery went well, but I have 4-6 weeks of recovery ahead.  Bad way to spend the summer.  Could have been worse.

I walked for the first time since my last post yesterday!  Whoo hoo!  This has been the most miserable 2 months of my life.  Constant discomfort, can't do anything.  Keeping a positive attitude has been very difficult, but managed.  Having the new ScriptPro fitness center open has helped a lot.  Even on crutches, I could still get in an hour or more of weight training 3 times a week.  Hopefully the end is near!

Six months since my last post!  I'm about 95 % healed in the tendon.  Started back climbing 2 weeks ago.  Been doing some running, up to 2 miles at 6 MPH without pain.  Carole and I are on our second round of Ballroom dance classes, and we are getting better.  Been a snowy winter, with about a foot or more around the holidays that wouldn't go away.  Had another 5" last night.  Very pretty snow that did not make travel dangerous, so probably a good snow.  Looking forward to Crusty Dinner Club tonight.

Wow another 1/4 year of my life has flown by without an update.  I'm sure the world is probably somehow better for that.  I've decided I can't run for a while.  Took a Florida trip in April and ran outside for the first time in almost a year, and the Achilles did not appreciate it at all.  So I've been biking and walking a lot (I've taken up walking pups at a local animal shelter a couple days a week).  I've also been attending circus arts classes.  I do Aerial yoga and Aerial conditioning every week and I had opportunity to do a static trapeze class which hurts, but was awesome (did you know that bar is made of heavy steel?).  Carole and Karma are doing well.  we all manage to stay busy (Karma is mostly busy napping) and pretty healthy overall.

Posted pictures of a bunch of co-workers bid for number 1 in their division in men's soccer from last week.  Last night I went to cheer on our ladies Volleyball team as they three-peated the gold medal at the KC Corporate challenge.  Galleries of both events are in the photography section of this site.

Guess I'm not very good at keeping up with this.  Blogger I am not.
Carole and I have continued our pursuit of the Aerial arts to the degree that we are both part time instructors at Learning 2 Fly Circus Arts studio! She teaches a regular Wednesday evening Intro to Aerial Silks, and I rotate with a couple other instructors for a Friday evening Multi Apparatus Aerial Training class, and sub for Aerial Yoga classes as needed.  I'm also doing indoor rock climbing every Wednesday evening, so now I seem to be spending more time in the air than on the mat (my Etherial Yoga is suffering).  My Achilles tendon seems to have completely healed.  I have a very little motion restriction, but otherwise seem to be fully mended.

Poor Karma had to be put to sleep last June after the cancer took its toll.  She had a good life, with little apparent pain up to the end.   So on July 4th weekend, we adopted 2 sister kitties from Animal Haven.  They were adopted together 7 years ago, but their human died, so they got sent to jail.  We wanted 2 cats that already got along, so we thought they were perfect.  Smoke is a Russian Blue, with a coat of pure silver.  Tigress is a formidable tiger cat.  She hid under the bed for about 2 months before she started to trust us.  She is now one of the best lap cats ever (although both are still a little skittish).

We took up pottery early this year and have been having fun with it.  Carole and I have each thrown a number of pots on the wheel, and done some hand work using sheets of clay.  It is a long process, as the clay has to dry, or bake for at lest a week between actions, so it takes most of a month to 6 weeks to complete one pot.  Hence we usually have several projects in the works, each at a different stage of development.  We are working at the KC Clay Guild with friends Kent and Margaret.  She has been into this stuff for years, and is a moderator at the guild on weekends.  She has taught us a lot in a short time, and we all have a lot of fun.  

Took the Subaru to Heartland Park, Topeka for a Wednesday driving event.  The Subi held its own nicely, but the sessions revealed some inherent weakness in the engine management setup and a very weak, stock suspension.  So I am starting down that dangerous modification path.  I'm trying to be conservative, to maintain comfort as a daily driver, while still getting more aggressive for the track. It will be an adventure, as always.